Area 6 Officers

Area 6Alexandra Basurto – Area 6 VOA President

Hello everyone, my name is Alexandra Basurto, I’m the new Western Region Area 6 VOA President and I’m exhilarated to get started! I am a member of Venture Crews 003, 747, and 007, in Catalina Council. I served in my Council’s VOA as VP Admin for two terms. I lived in Tucson AZ my whole life, and became involved in the Venturing Program since I turned fourteen. I became involved in Venturing because I wanted to immerse myself in fun high adventures, like my little brother in his boy scout troop. I also wanted to build leadership skills since I want to get into the U.S. Naval Academy. My favorite memory in scouting is my Council’s and Arizona’s only competitive pistol team, “Baden-Powell Scholastic Pistol Team”. I served as President on the Team. We shoot both pistols and rifles at metal targets for both speed and accuracy. Recently, we placed Gold in both the pistol and rifle divisions at the State Championship Match this year. Some of my main goals for this term are to build communication between Councils, make events more local, and raise participation and awareness of the Venturing Program. Some fun facts about me are that I am involved in NJROTC (Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps), where I am involved in Orienteering Team, Academic Team, and Armed Drill Team. NJROTC gives me both a place to expand what I learn in Venturing, as well as apply it to my local community. My favorite type of flower is a Parade Rose. My favorite colors are pink, yellow and white. Last, but not least, my favorite ice cream is “raspberry sherbet”. I can’t wait to get started!


Allie Jones – Area 6 Vice President of Program

Allie Jones is a member of Aloha Council located in Hawaii and has spent the majority of her life on the island of Oahu. As part of crew 986 and 808, she has been able to explore many different aspects of the Venturing program since she was 16 years old. Initially becoming involved in Venturing in order to add to her college resume, she quickly discovered the multiple opportunities that Venturing had in store.

At the beginning of her Venturing career, Allie started as a member of Crew 986, a STEM crew in the Ka’ala district of Aloha Council. In this crew she and her fellow crew mates discovered various types of STEM related careers and activities that inspired Allie to be a Medic in the United States Army. She has earned her Venturing and Discovery rank and she was also one of the first Venturers in her council to earn the council Venturing Leadership Award. Allie has served on NYLT staff where she lead Aloha Council’s future leaders and taught them how to effectively communicate and set SMART Goals.

Allie  is very proud to be serving as the Area 6 Vice President of Programs and definitely hopes to see a lot of things happen during her term. She hopes that the events offered bring unity within Venturers throughout the area as well as an increase in participation.

Mikayla Jones – Area 6 Vice President of Communication Support

Mikayla Jones has been involved in Scouting since 2013. She’s been in three crews; one of which was theatre focused and her current crew being STEM focused. Mikayla was a founding member of Aloha Council’s VOA and is currently the President there as well as Western Region Area 6’s Vice President of Communications Support. She has earned her Bronze, Venturing and Discovery Awards during her scouting career and hopes to continue toward her Summit Award. Mikayla is one of the first three youth to ever receive the Venturing Leadership Award within her council. She enjoys staffing various BSA camps including NYLT, Summer Camps, Camporees, Wood Badge, and Cub Scout Day Camps.

Mikayla is an officer in her school’s NJROTC Program. She strives to live by the Navy’s Core Values in her daily life and consistently pushes herself to go farther and work harder. Her roles as the Supply Officer, Platoon Commander, Athletic Team Commander and Color Guard Commander have molded Mikayla into a honorable, courageous, and committed leader.

Mikayla’s experiences within Venturing range from exploring a morgue where she held multiple organs to attending the NYLT Leadership Academy in Los Angeles, California. Through all of her adventures within Scouting, her favorite memory is from staffing her council’s Wood Badge Course. As a youth she was in charge of the initiative game called “Nail Biters” where the adults were tasked to balance 23 nails on top of one. The frustration in their faces turned to awestruck wonder as she showed them how to complete the game. This moment of enlightenment for these Wood Badge participants is what propels Mikayla forward. She is in search of every lost scout hoping to guide them to their solution through her leadership skills and positions she holds.


CindyArea 6 VOA Advisor 

I’m Cindy Reilly, from the Catalina Council (down in Tucson) and am the Area 6 Advisor. My goal is to support the officers in Area 6 and work on membership with Councils that are struggling. My best scouting memory is establishing the Baden-Powell Scholastic Pistol Team in Tucson, AZ. For the past three years, I have coached and watched our team grow confident in their performance. It’s amazing that the team is so incredibly consistent in their scores that they won 3rd place in their first State Championship…and 1st in their second State Championship. I’m so proud and absolutely happy because I started this team from scratch and have give them this unique venturing opportunity. My Faves: My favorite dessert is Halo Halo. Who know’s what that is? It’s a filipino dessert of ice, milk, and various fruits and beans. It’s fun and sort of like a tropical milk shake…all mixed up and YUMMY! Orchids are my favorite too Reece! Need I say more? They are exotic and complicated, but won’t grow in Arizona….too dry! So my second favorite flower is tulip because it reminds me that beauty can he very simple….it was my grandmother’s favorite. My favorite Disney movie is Mulan. She exhibits courage and strength that her society does not acknowledge. OK, she’s an asian girl like me too! It’s live a venturing program back in her times. An interesting fact about me is, not only am I the Outdoor Ethics Advocate for Catalina Council, I am also the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics Arizona State Advocate. I may not get out a lot, but I love the outdoors….and outdoor ethics is important to me and our future generations.