Scouting Scavenger Hunt

On December 5, Golden Empire Council’s Capitol City District hosted its 3rd annual San Francisco Photo Scavenger Hunt. The participants met at Crissy Field at 9:00 am to begin. Once the event started, the youth were split into groups of six to eight participants, given a list of things to find, and maps of the city. The participants were then allotted over five hours to explore the city and find the items on their lists. Items included popular San Francisco landscapes, tourist spots, and even the local Sea Scout Base. To complete the checklist, participants had to take a picture with their group in front of the listed items or places. After completing as many items as possible within the allotted time, groups returned to Crissy Field to receive their scores and eat dinner.

Laura Grace Brasfeild, the President of Crew 808, led her Crew in organizing the event. She explained that each year, a Crew inside of the District is assigned to organize the scavenger hunt. In order to prepare for the event, Crew 808 members first set boundaries then chose a certain area of the city and wrote five clues for particular landmarks that lay within their assigned zones. The Crew adults then compiled these clues into the list that was used for the scavenger hunt. Brasfeild explains that thismethod was used so that no one person would know more than five of the locations, allowing all crew youth to be able to participate in the event.


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