Area 3 Officers

Jack McClelland – Area 3 Venturing President

IMG_6772Greetings from Silicon Valley! My name’s Jack McClelland and I’ll be representing the northern parts of California and Nevada as Area 3’s President. I’m from the Pacific Skyline Council and previously served as President of the Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council. I’m an Eagle Scout and love experiencing the outdoors; I’ve enjoyed participating in the National and World Jamborees as well as hiking through New Mexico at Philmont, sailing through Florida at Sea Base, and canoeing through Minnesota at Northern Tier. My favorite memory from Venturing was getting scuba certified with my crew — the visibility was sometimes so bad that you couldn’t see your own hand in front of your face, and one time my sister’s fin got caught in a kelp forest and we were forced to make an emergency ascent. In the end I’m glad our crew decided to get certified; it certainly bonded us together and provided grounds for more scuba trips in the future! I’m very interested in exploring how humans and computers interact as well as technology’s role in society. I also have a number of eclectic hobbies that include juggling, ham radio, running, entrepreneurship, and graphic design. I hope to increase involvement in Area 3 Venturing while also retaining current members by maintaining good communication and planning fun outdoors and service events. I’m super excited for the year to come serving my fellow Venturers as Area 3 president!


Cindy Vander Ploeg – Area 3 VOA Advisor

IMG_6778Hey everyone! Cindy Vander Ploeg here from sunny California! My home council is the Greater Yosemite Council. My husband, Scott and I have 3 grown boys. I joined venturing in 2004 when our crew had gone co-ed and then needed a female advisor. I have had so much fun since then!! I am the Area 3 VOA Advisor. Area 3 covers all of northern California and Northern Nevada. My favorite scouting memory was a trip to the Grand Canyon in 2007 with our troop. Not only did we have the most awesome 4 hour tour of Hoover Dam, but our oldest son, Travis, and my mom were able to join us. We spent 3 days in the canyon; 2 days to get down and 1 day to come back up. The scouts didn’t think that they could make it back to the top in 1 day, but they did! Another highlight was to run into a neighboring troop from our hometown at one of the campsites across from ours! So many memories were made on this trip!! My favorite food is Japanese. My mother is Japanese and I miss her cooking. White rice is the one food that will take me to my happy place! What breed of dog would I like to be? That’s ruff! I want to be the dog that is loved, well fed (rice please), and gets to explore the outdoors! I want lots of friends and toys!!. I look forward to working with this group of exceptional youth this term! My goal is for my advisors and I to support Jack and his team during their term. We are here to serve the councils. Our goal to help them succeed and grow membership.