Climbing at the VOA Meeting

The Denver Area Council (DAC) Venturing Officer’s Association (VOA), like many other councils, has been having some problems getting youth Venturers involved in and attending council VOA meetings. DAC has recently built an inner-city scout camp called Colorado Adventure Point (CAP). CAP has several accommodations for scouting activities including a STEM area, archery and air rifle ranges, a cooking area, an indoor climbing wall, and a workshop to name a few. The Council VOA decided to utilize this new facility to boost the attendance at VOA meetings. We understand the difficulty and disinterest in meetings and we wanted to try and make our meetings more exciting. To do this, we reformatted how our meetings are run. Instead of a basic meeting, we combined our meetings with activities provided by CAP. The meeting starts at 6 and goes to 7. Then, the activity will immediately follow and last until 9. For the first few months of the year our activity is going to be rock climbing. To enhance the experience, Venturers will also get the chance to become climbing certified. This gives Venturers the opportunity to earn advancement as well as host climbing activities for more youth in our council. After a few meetings, the activity will change to archery but with the same premise. We hope that this change will increase attendance at our VOA meetings. We are a youth led program and we seek to make the interests of the youth in DAC known and fulfilled. These meetings are just the start!


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