Check out this New Secrets of Seattle Event!

Secrets of Seattle, Venturing Edition

Where: The Seattle Area, starting at the CSC scout office

When: April 2nd, 9 AM to 6:30 PM

Why: For Fun!

How: Register now at so we know who is coming, and how much food we’ll need.

Secrets of Seattle is an exciting event for all Venturers to come together and complete a scavenger hunt around the Seattle area. With cryptic hints, attendees will be sent out to complete objectives, and take selfies to prove it. While the clues are currently secret, more and more information will be released as the event gets closer. The teams will be based on Crew size (smaller Crews can join to create one whole team, or remain as a singular team). Transportation will be on foot, but if the Crew wishes to work out driving or public transportation, it will be allowed. The staff are extremely excited, and can’t wait to see the turn out! #CSCVenturing #VOA #SOS

Secrets of Seattle! Background-2

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