Area 1 Officers


Melissa Schaefers – Area 1 Venturing President

18033372_643338615863000_6620133221336398182_nMelissa Schaefers became involved with Venturing at age 13 by starting an outdoor-focused crew with her brother and their friend. Since then she’s hiked in the Redwoods, Three Sister’s Wilderness, and along the Rogue River with her crew. She has attended NYLT and NYLT Leadership Academy and will be staffing both this summer. She has earned the Discovery award and is excited to continue on her path to Summit. She’ll be attending Linn-Benton Community College this Fall. Melissa hopes to improve the Venturing program by enabling Venturers to take full advantage of all the Area has to offer with clear communication between all 12 Councils within Area 1.


TJ Edwards – Area 1  Venturing Vice President of Administration

I have been in scouts sense being a tiger cub, I earned my arrow of light and moved on to troops. I then joined a crew and learned more about venturing when I went to the 2014 western region event in Colorado. A few months later I found out that the council VOA was looking for people to start a crew in another town, I took the chance and the responsibility. So I am a founder of a crew that I was president for a few terms and during that time I was at the VOA level as a crew representative. I earned my VLA that year before becoming the Council VOA president. My term brought a Gold CSVE to my VOA. (one of 2 in the western region.) I’ve also earned my eagle scout, religious awards, and the Trust award. I was recently at the venturing BLAST training and it was AWESOME!

My goals for this term is to achieve a more cohesive communication chain from council to region, track VLA’s Rangers, Summits, and to get more councils to get Council Standards of Venturing Excellence turned in.


Simone Lake – Area 1 Venturing Vice President of Communications


I want to serve so that I can give back all that Venturing has given me. Additionally, I want to make the Venturing experience as great as possible for
Venturers in our area. I hope to create stronger and more accessible
communication for Venturers so that they can be aware of all the opportunities
available to them.



Adam Kipust – Area 1 Venturing Vice President of Program

I plan an execute a RAVE with over 200 participants and provide meaningful and
appropriate program that aligns with the aims and Methods of Venturing BSA. I will do
this using qualified youth from around the Area to help.



Audrey Oakes -Area 1 VOA Advisor 

Audrey loves to travel to find a good adventure and can often be found at all the major Venturing and BSA International events, where sadly she can’t drive her “Scout Van”.   She is quick to laugh, enjoys semi-nerdy intelligent conversations, the game of Set (yes, just wait for her to tell you about the time she beat a real NASA scientist & others with 5 different STEM Masters Degrees), and berry ice cream is probably her favorite. She will be seldom seen without her coffee and if you bring her bottled mochas to remote places like National Jamborees, you are instantly a favorite person.

While less fun to write about, she does have extensive scout experience in all the major branches of scouting – Exploring, Sea Scouts, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Venturing- as a youth and adult leader, starting as a youth Sea Scout Explorer earning her Quartermaster Award (Eagle Scout equivalent). She has found her passion in Venturing and also the International opportunities that are available to that age group.  She is the Council Venturing Chairman for Chief Seattle Council in Seattle, WA, Council National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) Coordinator, past Council International Camp Staff Coordinator, International Council Committee member, and is now looking forward to serving as the WR Area 1 Advisor.